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Chiefs 2012 Schedule: Two Primetime Games, Both On The Road

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The Kansas City Chiefs ended up with three primetime games in the 2011 season following their 2010 playoff run. This year, coming off a disappointing 2011 season, the Chiefs end up with two primetime games -- Thursday Night Football against the San Diego Chargers and Monday Night Football against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Chargers game comes in Week 9 and the Steelers game comes right after that in Week 10. Here's the Chiefs 2012 schedule.

I think two primetime games for the Chiefs is fair considering where they're at. You can't really justify much more than that for a team that isn't a consistent winner.

These are also two familiar opponents when it comes to primetime. In the 2010 season opened, KC beat the Chargers in a memorable Monday night game. In 2011, the Chiefs once again beat the Chargers in a memorable Monday night game (thanks, Philip Rivers). In 2011, the Chiefs were actually competitive in a Sunday night game against the Steelers, despite Tyler Palko starting at quarterback.

The difference this time around is that neither of these primetime games will be played in Arrowhead Stadium. Both are on the road which means the Chiefs don't get to A.) show off a pretty badass stadium and B.) use the crowd noise, one o their biggest advantages. I'm happy with two primetime games in 2012 but not so happy that neither of them will be at Arrowhead.

Here's to dominating the regular season so they have no choice but to flex the Chiefs into a Sunday night game late in the year.