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Chiefs QB Matt Cassel Meets The Media

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For what I believe is the first time, Matt Cassel has publicly commented on the Kansas City Chiefs apparently brief pursuit of Peyton Manning, who has since signed with the Denver Broncos.

The KC Star has a video up of Cassel's comments today on Manning and the rest of the competition. As you'd expect, Cassel said all the right things.
The Kansas City Chiefs were very open with me. Scott Pioli and everybody was open about the fact that they were going to reach out to Peyton. For me, I don't take any disrespect in it. Peyton Manning is Peyton Manning. He's one of the best quarterbacks to ever play this game. How can you take disrespect from that? So the fact is he didn't end up here and we're going to be competing against him twice a year, which will be fun. I'm looking forward to the competition.
In a little over three hours, we'll find out exactly when that competition against Manning and the Broncos will come.