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How The Royals Schedule Could Affect Chiefs 2012 Schedule

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US Press Wire
US Press Wire

It's that time of year when we start looking at the Kansas City Royals 2012 schedule to see if we can glean any hints on the Kansas City Chiefs 2012 schedule. The two teams share a parking lot so games usually aren't scheduled on the same day. The Chiefs schedule is set to be released tonight. Here are the Chiefs 2012 opponents.

The Chiefs preseason schedule, which was already released with no dates, has them home in Week 1 and Week 3. The Royals are away on those weekends. The Chiefs are away in Week 2 and Week 4, while the Royals are home on both of those weekends.

Both the KC Star and have noted the Royals schedule as it relates to the Chiefs regular season schedule.

In the regular season, the Royals are away in Week 1, home in Week 2 and 3, and away in Week 4, before the baseball regular season schedule ends (insert joke about the Royals playing in October). The Royals are also off on the Monday of Week 2 and 3 so that's something to keep in mind as well.

So if the schedule makers are using the Royals as a guide, then we could be seeing the Chiefs at home in Week 1, away in Week 2 and 3, and back home in Week 4.