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Scott Pioli: Development Of 2010, 2011 NFL Draft Classes Is Key

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Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli and head coach Romeo Crennel met with the media on Monday and talked about the 2012 NFL draft, as well as the offseason program, which started on Monday. One of the big story lines last year was the loss of the offseason program (due to the lockout) for the 2011 draft class, and the loss of a second offseason program for the 2010 draft class. He said the development of those players in particular is key to the growth of the team.
"Something we talked about internally, the players that we hope and anticipate to see the greatest amount of growth from is the draft classes of 2010 and 2011. The 2010 group had a little bit of an offseason and played their rookie season but then had no offseason. So they didn't have time to develop physically, mentally, emotionally. Then last year's class, those guys get picked and all of a sudden they show up there almost in full pads those first couple of days. This is a critical year league-wide, not just for the Chiefs, but league-wide for those players."
The development of the 2010 class is just as much about the recovery from ACL injuries as it is anything else. Both Eric Berry and Tony Moeaki ended the season on IR due to ACL tears. But the Chiefs also need more out of guys like Dexter McCluster, who has already switched positions in his young career, and Javier Arenas.

The 2011 class is where you could see the most development because those guys didn't have any sort of offseason program outside of training camp. A lot will be expected of guys like Jonathan Baldwin.