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Chiefs GM Scott Pioli Loves The Talent In The 2012 NFL Draft

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Chiefs GM Scott Pioli
Chiefs GM Scott Pioli

I'm not sure an NFL GM would say an upcoming NFL draft class isn't very good and today won't be the day we hear one saying that. Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli and head coach Romeo Crennel spoke to reporters out at Arrowhead today and they both sound excited about the talent in this draft.

"I love the talent in this draft," Pioli said. "I think there's talent in a lot of different positions. I think it's similar, but different to last year, where there is depth to it. The talent goes deep at a number of different positions."

"I'm not as well-versed in the draft as Scott is because he's been doing it for a lot longer than I have, I've been yearning from afar," Crennel said. It seems there's good depth in this draft at several different positions. Having been sitting in the meetings, and looking at the board, I think there's good depth in the draft."

The Chiefs said they had a lot of options with the 11th pick -- trade up, make the pick or trade down. Pioli noted last year's draft day trade and said that the Chiefs had a number of players they could have picked at their original spot, but the value was too good to pass up. That's an option this year, depending on how things unfold on draft day.

So, basically, the Chiefs could do anything in this draft which doesn't really help us.

(H/T 810 WHB, for playing the audio of the press conference)