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Chiefs Offseason Workouts Start Today; Will Dwayne Bowe Show?

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You smell that? Real football starts today. The Kansas City Chiefs offseason program can kick off at the Arrowhead training complex today. Except "real football" may not exactly be accurate. While the offseason workout program is starting today, it's hardly "real football".

I've mined my way through the CBA to see what exactly the Chiefs can do today.

The answer is not much.

This phase of the offseason program, which lasts about two weeks, is all about strength and conditioning and injury rehab. Players can't wear helmets. Footballs won't be used unless quarterbacks are throwing to uncovered receivers. Only the strength and condition coaches will be working them out.

So basically it's the exact opposite of real football. The players are, for the most part, just getting in shape.

But most of the players will be there. The focus will be on one particular player who is reportedly not expected to be there -- Dwayne Bowe. It's been reported by NFL Network that Bowe does not plan to attend the workouts. Bowe is playing under the franchise tag and, while he could acquire a waiver that would protect him in case of injury,it sounds like he doesn't plan to attend the workouts without a new deal.

The workouts are voluntary but if you follow the NFL then you know these guys will be scrutinized even if they miss a voluntary workout.

The next phase of the offseason program will bring coaches onto the field for instruction, and then after that you start to get into OTAs.