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Chiefs Offseason Program Starts Monday

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One year ago, the only offseason updates outside of the NFL Draft had to do with the posturing of owners versus players and the guesswork of how long the lockout might last. By the time you wake up tomorrow, the majority of Kansas City Chiefs players will be back at Arrowhead for the team's offseason program.

While some franchises with new head coaches were able to start two weeks ago, Romeo Crennel was not considered to be a brand new hire. That means the Chiefs had to wait along with many others to begin their program until April 16. While some players will not be here (likely Dwayne Bowe), most of the roster should be present to begin a 10-week regimen of workouts, drills and OTAs.

This is also a key time for the Chiefs draftees and rookies from last year, players who never had a real offseason to learn the playbook or be evaluated by coaches. The Chiefs, along with every other NFL team, had to do such things on the fly in the preseason. Consequently, this will be a good time for Crennel and his staff to further understand the strengths and weaknesses of the players already in house.

An interesting subplot of this offseason program will be the introduction of Brian Daboll to his players and the media. With Crennel's expertise on the defensive side, Daboll should enjoy a lot of freedom as the Chiefs' offensive coordinator. The next 10 weeks should begin to give a glimpse into his personality, schemes or even to hear from him directly.

You can find more of a rundown of the NFL offseason program here.