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Todd McShay's 2012 NFL Mock Draft Scenarios For The Chiefs

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ESPN's Todd McShay has another 2012 NFL mock draft out and once again Boston College LB Luke Kuechly is connected to the Kansas City Chiefs. That's no surprise because Kuechly is one of the handful of players that's often mocked to the Chiefs at No. 11.

This latest mock draft includes multiple scenarios each team could see. I think McShay just about nails all the potential scenarios for the Chiefs.
Scenario 1 - Boston College LB Luke Kuechly: Yup. Whether you like the pick or not, I think most can see the logic behind this one. I think you can also make the argument that this is the most likely pick on April 26.

Scenario 2 - Memphis DT Dontari Poe: He's sooo last week. But, really, I do think the mock drafts have cooled on him in KC. The position of need makes sense but the lack of consistent production from the player doesn't make much sense. Or do the Chiefs think Romeo Crennel, former defensive line coach, can coach him up? The last time the Chiefs drafted a position (Jonathan Baldwin) that was the head coach's (Todd Haley) specialty...

Scenario 3 - LSU DT Michael Brockers: Do we give this possibility enough attention? It was the selection for the Chiefs in the AP mock draft and I could see the argument behind it. A few times GM Scott Pioli has picked this high, he's gone defensive end -- Richard Seymour (6) and Ty Warren (13) -- and I think Brockers probably becomes a defensive end in the Chiefs 3-4 defense. Add in the fact that Pioli's first two drafts pick in KC were defensive ends -- Tyson Jackson and Alex Magee -- and you realize how important this position must be to him.

Scenario 4 - Stanford G David DeCastro: Pretty obvious. One of the safest picks on the board. Yesterday on 610 Sports, Danny Parkins asked me: would you go back and draft Will Shields in the first round? Yeah, I think I would.

Scenario 5 - Alabama S Mark Barron: Don't see it.

Not listed -- offensive tackle. I still think that's a possibility.