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If The Chiefs Could Be Any Car, Which Car Would They Be?

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The Kansas City Chiefs marketing department sent out a survey to season ticket holders this week about the brand of the Chiefs and a few of you have that passed that along. It's one of those surveys that any big company in the public eye does, probably the results of which will have an impact on their marketing campaign for the team entering the 2012 season.

I did my weekly spot on 610 Sports with Danny Parkins and Carrington Harrison on Wednesday and they asked me all the survey questions on the air for the first time (I hadn't seen it yet). Lots of fun was had by all because a few of the questions seemed a little unusual.

Easily the best one on the survey is the same as the poll I have attached below. The actual question.

Gotta be Volvo, right? I'm a Volvo driver, actually, so that's where my vote is going. Let us know in the poll.

Another one: What specific feelings or emotions do you experience in connection with the Kansas City Chiefs brand?

And the options to pick from:

  • Proud of how the Chiefs represent the sports fans of the Kansas City area
  • My own competitive spirit comes out
  • Inspired by what the Chiefs do on and off the field
  • Proud of Lamar Hunt (Founder of the Chiefs)
  • Optimistic about Kansas City, even though we are a small market
  • Appreciated and respected by players, staff and front office of the Chiefs
  • The Chiefs reinforce my Midwest values

This question reminds me of the survey I'm doing for Arrowhead Pride. Please participate by leaving your answers in the comments. If you find these ideas intriguing, please subscribe to my newsletter.

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