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Any Future Chiefs Coming Out Of The Local Pro Day?

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The video crew, 65 TPT, has a really cool behind-the-scenes look at the Kansas City Chiefs local pro day on Tuesday. It includes GM Scott Pioli and head coach Romeo Crennel addressing the players, as well as a few other assistants in the personnel department (who you never hear from).

Definitely check out the full video. This behind-the-scenes stuff is exactly what team-run websites should feature.

Here's part of what Pioli had to say to the players, who wore the Nike jerseys for the first time:
"I just wish I had the opportunity coming out of college to work out for my home team and my home facillity and, truthfully, I wish I could have come out to the Chiefs and done that. So thank you guys for coming.

"Enjoy yourselves today. It's a business day but I also want you guys to enjoy this because it's a special day. It really is. It's cool to have you guys here. We enjoy this day. This is one of those business days that we've had every year that is work for us, it's business for us but we enjoy it, and we enjoy having you guys in here and want to thank you guys for being here.

"Hopefully I get some time to spend with each of you individually, even if it's a five-minute hello and a handshake but I want to get to know you guys. Use this time well, guys."

Pioli also noted that these guys were the first ones to be wearing the Chiefs jerseys with the Nike logo on it. Romeo later tells the players at the end of the day that they can keep it -- if he brings them back. Ha.

One of the player personnel assistants also mentioned a fullback at the pro day who was pretty impressive athletically. Two listed fullbacks were there -- Brandon Smith (Mid-America Nazarene) and Chris Stuart (William Jewell).