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Remember Aubrayo Franklin?

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Every year there's a "hot" free agent name that fans, especially Kansas City Chiefs fans, latch onto. This year that free agent was obviously Peyton Manning, who ended up signing with the Denver Broncos. The Chiefs pursued Manning so we can't really blame them for not trying.

But last year, the hot free agent name was NT Aubrayo Franklin. He was coming off a year in which he received the franchise tag, which made many of us think that he was one of the top nose tackles.

GM Scott Pioli didn't pursue Franklin -- at least not at the $7-whatever million a year he was looking for -- and many of us, myself included, thought that was a mistake. A year later, and avoiding Franklin doesn't look like such a bad move.

We are nearly a month into free agency and Franklin, who is currently an unrestricted free agent, has barely heard his name mentioned. ESPN reported on Tuesday that he was visiting the Seattle Seahawks.

I bring this up because a couple weeks ago ESPN's Bill Williamson reported that the Chiefs have had some interest in Franklin. The Chiefs barely showed any interest in Franklin last year so I'm not sure why they would be interested this time around (unless, of course, this is just agent-driven speculation).

I'd be surprised if the Chiefs signed Franklin because of the little interest they showed in the past but I've been surprised before.

Does Franklin interest you as a potential Chief anymore? I'm pretty well cooled on him.