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2012 NFL Mock Drafts Now Have Chiefs Trading Up For Ryan Tannehill

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So we've officially hit Ryan Tannehill Week, at least as it concerns the Kansas City Chiefs and the 2012 NFL draft. Various mock drafts out there have been sending Tannehill to the KC Chiefs, which is a reasonable pick in my opinion. Tannehill is expected by many to be a top 10 pick so if he falls to No. 11 I think the Chiefs have to seriously consider selecting him. I'm not saying that would be my favorite move, but it's one they need to strongly consider.

But now we're starting to see mock drafts not just with the Chiefs taking Tannehill, but with the Chiefs trading up for Tannehill.

Will Brinson of has the Chiefs trading up with the St. Louis Rams into the sixth spot to select Tannehill. Peter Schraeger of also has the Chiefs trading up, but with the Minnesota Vikings, all the way to No. 3.

Drafting Tannehill is one thing. Trading up for him is another. I can't see any scenario in which the Chiefs give up multiple picks to move into position to draft Tannehill. Remember, this is a Chiefs draft with few needs. They can find a good player at 11, whether it's Tannehill or not.

Do the Chiefs really feel so strongly about Tannehill that GM Scott Pioli would do what he said he wouldn't do a few months ago?