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AP YouTube Channel: Draft Prep And Arrowhead Memories With Former Bronco/Charger

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Arrowhead Pride: Talking with Velocity Sports owner about NFL draft prep, and Arrowhead memories (via sbnarrowheadpride)

The newest video for the Arrowhead Pride YouTube channel comes to you from Velocity Sports Performance training center in Carlsbad, California.

I had a chance to sit and talk with the owner of Velocity Sports and 12-year NFL veteran, Charles Dimry. The former Denver Bronco ('91-'92) and San Diego Charger ('98-'00) cornerback talked a little bit about what it was like for an opposing player to come to Kansas City and play in the "Sea of Red" at Arrowhead Stadium. He also compares playing in Mile High Stadium and playing in Arrowhead Stadium and his answer might surprise you.

Dimry works with people of all ages at Velocity Sports that are working towards becoming better athletes and better players at their respective sports. But it's the work that he does with college football players that are preparing for the combine and NFL draft is what we spent most of our time talking about.

My wife and I had a chance to visit with Charles and his wife for well over an hour before we started shooting for this video. As good as their business has been for guys preparing themselves for the NFL and for athletes in general in San Diego, they are even better people.

One of the things that Chiefs insider, Josh Looney had talked about on 'Chop Talk' this past week was about getting to know the Chiefs players on a more personal basis, and how it's cool to get to know these guys aside from what happens on the field on Sunday's. I can definitely echo this sentiment from the time my wife and I spent with Charles and his wife and were able to talk about all kinds of things not related to football. It was a great experience.

They did have a really good story about Anthony Toribio riding a skateboard up and down the path along the beach during the lockout last year. Apparently he's pretty good at it.

Hope you guys enjoy the video.

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