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New Name For KC Chiefs Mock Drafts

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We're at about the point in NFL mock draft season where the same handful of arguments about the same handful of players are being thrown around. The latest mock draft from Russ Lande of Sporting News will change that. He has the Kansas City Chiefs selecting...

Washington DT Alameda Ta'amu!

Nose tackle Kelly Gregg is near the end of his career. For a 3-4 defense to flourish, it needs a strong, powerful nose tackle like Ta'amu in the middle.

He's generally been considered a late first round/early first round pick. Several people have mocked him to the Chiefs with their second round pick so picking him at No. 11 would seem very high for him. Then again, I didn't think the Jaguars would take Tyson Alualu with the 10th pick a couple years ago and he only made a few all-rookie teams after his first year.

Lande has some defensive line thoughts that are much different than what others say. Besides Ta'amu going 11th, Lande also said Dontari Poe was a better fit as a defensive end in a 3-4, and not nose tackle.

Ta'amu has the size -- 6'3" and 348 pounds. But is 11 too high for him?