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On The KC Chiefs Trading Up In The 2012 NFL Draft

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I've seen several stories floating around the web wondering if the Kansas City Chiefs could potentially trade up into the St. Louis Rams sixth spot in the 2012 NFL draft and assure themselves they can select Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill with the sixth pick.

I would not be a fan of that move. Trading up multiple picks -- including next year's first rounder -- to select Tannehill just doesn't seem very...well, here's what GM Scott Pioli told Jack "KU is the fifth best team in the Big 12" Harry back in January about trading up for a quarterback in this year's draft:

"From year to year you have so many needs," Pioli said. "To start giving up multiple No. 1 picks, that's a big decision because right now we may say we have needs in these five areas and to sacrifice multiple drafts in the future, I tend to want to be a little more responsible than that.

"I didn't come here to win one championship. I didn't come here to get the quick fix, be done and move onto the next job. This is where our family is. This is where I want to spend the rest of my career.

"So what I'm gong to do is make prudent decisions to get the best players and get the best team built. Being too short-sighted and trading too many draft picks for any one player....I don't even know who the player is who I'd say I'd give up multiple first round picks based on where we're at."

Back then, we were wondering if Robert Griffin III would be the target. Back then, Tannehill was barely scraping the edge of the first round. Back then, we didn't talk much about Tannehill because he's only been a starter for a season and a half and selecting an unknown like that isn't Pioli's style.

Look at this draft like it's free agency when it comes to quarterbacks. Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, the two best players in this draft, have for all intents and purposes signed with their new teams. That means the stock of the best guy remaining, Tannehill, rises quickly. If this were free agency, the Chiefs would have to overpay to get Tannehill at this point and the Chiefs generally do not overpay for players.

So I think Pioli was telling the truth back in January -- that the Chiefs probably won't be trading up.