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Peyton Manning To The KC Chiefs Feels Familiar

NFL fans are 48 hours into the "I must have Peyton Manning on my team!" craze and Kansas City Chiefs are no exception. Since 5 p.m. yesterday, Arrowhead Pride has received over 4,000 comments. And you can assume that 90% of those are Peyton Manning related.

While sifting through a lot of those comments, I couldn't help but pick up on a familiar vibe from almost 19 years ago. When the Chiefs were in the process of courting then 36-year old QB Joe Montana.

Joel dug up an old NY Times article from April 16, 1993, about the Montana-Chiefs situation. And it sounds very familiar to what we're going through today:

The Kansas City Chiefs moved closer to a financial accord with Joe Montana yesterday, remaining the front-runner over Phoenix to acquire the 36-year-old quarterback through a trade with San Francisco.

Now they're the Arizona Cardinals but yep, they're reportedly in the running for Peyton Manning.

Asked if the Chiefs have an edge over Phoenix, one of Montana's representatives, Tom Condon, said today: "I would think so. Kansas City remains attractive because of the Chiefs' recent success and -- with Hackett being there -- that's attractive."

Guess who Peyton's Manning agent is? Tom Condon.

Much of the Montana to the Chiefs talk centered around compensation, because it was a trade. But the situations are eerily similar.

And the craziness of the fans was on full display in 1993 for Joe Montana as it is right now for Peyton Manning. From

The next day he was in Phoenix, meeting Cardinal people and getting a physical. "Hordes of media were at the airport, fans with flowers, the whole bit," says Phoenix publicist Greg Gladysiewski. "A fan, Susana Chavez, had named her infant after him. Sara Joe Montana Chavez."

"Two news helicopters followed us in from the airport," says Johnson. "The scoreboard at Sun Devil Stadium said WELCOME JOE MONTANA. Senator Dennis DeConcini was there to meet us. It was like Michael Jackson coming to town."

Last week the process was reversed. Montana worked out on Thursday in Phoenix, throwing to the Cardinals' full set of wideouts, including newly acquired Gary Clark, the former Washington Redskin. Montana threw about 30 passes, including five of more than 50 yards. Four were on the money, the other was overthrown by a couple of feet. Afterward Clark got down on his knees and said, "See, I'm begging him to come here."

The begging for Peyton Manning has yet to begin in earnest but I wouldn't be surprised to see similar reports of teams courting Manning in rather ridiculous ways.

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