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Peyton Manning Brings Out The Flight Tracking And Petitions In KC

Nothing like NFL fans in clamoring for a player in free agency. We grasp for any straw we can to make ourselves think our team has a shot at the big player on the market.

This year, it appears the Kansas City Chiefs may very well be involved in the Peyton Manning sweepstakes. It's not really grasping straws when reports say KC has approached Manning's camp and others are saying the Chiefs are one of a handful of teams that have a shot.

But, this is still free agency, which means as fans we are going to convince ourselves that Manning-to-KC is possible. A few examples...

The time honored tradition of tracking planes via continues. I first heard of when fans were trying to track where Charlie Weis was headed (in the Notre Dame days). Someone sent me a link which shows a jet leaving KC today and heading to Miami, the same airport Manning flew into this week. Nope, no idea if that's related at all (but I bet a bunch of people, who have probably already stopped reading by this point, will start to say that we're reporting the Chiefs are flying down to Miami). Private jets go from KC to Miami everyday. But it's not every day we can wonder if that's the Chiefs going to swoop up Peyton Manning.

I also saw someone tweet out a link to a petition. Yes, a "Bring Manning to KC" petition. Because front offices always listen to those.

And then I also heard Bob Fescoe mention the other day that the Colts Stadium, Lucas Oil, is located on...S Missouri St. A sign?

If only this could come down to the Cardinals and Chiefs fighting over a star quarterback. That's never happened before, right?

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