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The Peyton Manning Free Agency Tour Will Be Crazy

The rumors we'll be seeing involving Peyton Manning will be crazy. I can already tell. After Wednesday's news conference, Manning flew back to Florida, where he owns property. This is where he was coming from when he flew into Indy with Colts owner Jim Irsay on Wednesday. So, naturally, after the presser he went back to Florida.

And, naturally, the local TV station was there waiting for him to snap some pictures.


Grainy pictures of Manning getting off the plane. This is already where we're at with this thing. Next thing you know there will be a blurry cell phone video of him working out to build the buzz that he's healthy.

Oh, right.

You also have Dwyane Wade telling Manning to come to Miami.

We're gonna need to step it up, Kansas City. Can someone get (insert name of popular Royals player here) on the phone so KC can start luring Manning? And can we get Oklahoma Joe's on the line to really convince him?

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