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Argument Against A Peyton Manning-Chiefs Marriage

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Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports is trying to kill the dream of Peyton Manning to the Kansas City Chiefs. He writes in a story on Yahoo! Sports today about the teams that make the most sense for Manning and one of the teams at the bottom is the Chiefs.

Silver doesn't think Manning in KC makes much sense saying the (soon-to-be-former) Colts QB would be "crazy to consider the Chiefs." Let's go through his reasoning...
Yeah, they have a big-time halfback in Jamaal Charles (coming off a torn ACL), a potential star in talented wideout Dwayne Bowe and some good players on defense, but there are plenty of reasons for Manning not to come to K.C.
He'd be crazy to consider the Chiefs as long as you brush off all the reasons he should consider the Chiefs like the salary cap space, the presence of a game-breaking running back, Dwayne Bowe and a defense on the verge of turning into a top 10 unit. If you take those out then, yeah, the Chiefs don't make as much sense.
The first is the presence of newly hired offensive coordinator Brian Daboll - ask the Browns' Colt McCoy how he thinks Manning might enjoy playing for such a coach.
Comparing Manning to a rookie third round pick is a huuuuuge stretch. I'm not even sure what that means. Publicly, at least, Daboll has indicated he could adjust by saying he does what fits the personnel (as all coaches say).
Another is general manager Scott Pioli, whose control-freak tendencies likely wouldn't allow for a quarterback who desires near autonomy. (If nothing else Manning, were he to sign with the Chiefs, should keep his cell-phone number a secret.)
Wait a minute. The dude who played for Bill Polian for 13 years won't play for a control freak? Really? Silver's one of my favorite sports writers but he kills Pioli every chance he gets. Plus, Romeo Crennel is a defensive guy which means he'd be pretty hands off on the offense. I don't see think this is a very strong point.
I'm sure Manning is also thrilled that Pioli decided to waive veteran offensive lineman Brian Waters before the 2011 season. Waters jumped to the Patriots and made the Pro Bowl blocking for Tom Brady.
Legit point here on the Chiefs offensive line. Upgrading the line is supposed to be a big focus this offseason. KC could have as many as three new starters along the offensive line.
Bottom line: I don't see Manning in a Chiefs uniform, at all.
Reasonable minds can disagree on some of these points, including those in Vegas who last week set the odds of Manning landing in KC at 4 to 1.

(H/T NJ Chiefs Fan)

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