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There Is No Such Thing As Chiefs Nation, Reports Raider Nation

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Former Oakland Raiders cornerback and new Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Stanford Routt on Monday tweeted out his goodbyes to the Raider Nation and a hello to Chiefs Nation.

And of course Raider fans have a problem with it. (They also have a problem with indoor plumbing and non-violent acts. Neither are their style.)

"I would like to thank #RaiderNation for 7 unforgettable years of love support and faith," Routt Tweeted. "It was fun but more importantly it was real..."

And then a thank you to Al Davis for picking him up (and a thank that wasn't spoken was for Al Davis giving him $20 million for one season's worth or work).

It's this part Raider fans had a problem with:

"What's up Kansas City?!?!?!? "#ChiefsNation"

Oakland fans took to Twitter to claim that Raider Nation is the only nation. Stunningly, many Raider fans haven't left Oakland and haven't realized that every team's fan base adds "Nation" onto the end of their names.

Jets Nation. Bucs Nation. And, yes, Chiefs Nation.

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