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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Jacksonville Jaguars Select...

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Representing the Jacksonville Jaguars, GenericBrand with the seventh pick in Arrowhead Pride's 2012 NFL mock draft...

David DeCastro, G, Stanford

For the last couple of seasons I've mocked a pass rusher for the Jags because it's consistently been their biggest need on defense. It's still a need but with Jeremy Mincey emerging, Tyson Alualu finally getting healthy and no real inspiring 4-3 pass rushers worth this pick, I decided to go another way (although now that I finally didn't mock one, GM Gene Smith will probably pick one). The rest of the defense has really tightened up in Jacksonville and they've addressed some of the DB issues in free agency and can continue to do so in later rounds.

Looking at the offensive side of the ball there are quite a few needs but they would be huge reaches (not that Smith hasn't reached before and had it work out) and probably not worth this pick. It's too early for Michael Floyd of Stephen Hill or Alshon Jeffery at wide receiver, too early for Dwayne Allen or Coby Fleener at tight end and there's no other offensive weapon worth taking in this spot to help out Blaine Gabbert.

That leaves us looking at the offensive line to improve the running game and protection for the QB.
After a little research and some discussion with Jags fans I was surprised to find that they actually boast a pretty strong offensive line They're set at both tackle spots with young talent and also have a good center. The weakness of the line comes at left guard where Will Rackley holds down the fort. Although a good player he could definitely use upgrading which would take the line to the next level.

Despite grading out well last year the Jags gave up 44 sacks and although alot of that is on the rookie QB, it would still benefit him to give him a little more time. Also, even though the Jags boast one of the best RBs in the league, they only managed to put up a top 12 rushing attack but did so grinding out a paltry 4.0 yards per carry. Because of the style of runnner Maurice Jones-Drew is they run alot between the tackles, with 60+ percent of their runs last year.

DeCastro is the logical choice. He's an upgrade at pass blocking and gives them a huge upgrade in the run game for the style of running game that they like to use.


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