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New NFL Rule Changes Approved By Owners

The NFL owners are meeting in Tampa Bay, FL, this week to discuss and vote up a number of proposed rule changes. Here are those proposed rule changes and has coverage of how the votes are going down.

Here are some updates on new/proposed rules:

Last year's playoff overtime rules are now standard for the regular season. As Joel said, ""The new overtime rules are designed to give each team a shot at possessing the ball. Previous complaints were that the team that won the coin toss in overtime had a major advantage because they could cruise down the field and kick a field goal with the other team never having an opportunity to possess the ball. Under the new rules, the only scenario in which both teams don't touch the ball comes in the event of a first-possession touchdown or a safety."

NFL owners reject changes to both instant replay and table moving the trade deadline. Joel said, "As a result of the vote, video replay will now apply to turnovers. That is the only change to the league's replay system after owners rejected a proposal that would have made all video reviews the responsibility of replay officials in the booth."

A number of minor rule changes did not pass. Check them out here.

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