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Romeo: Peyton Manning Gives Broncos 'Instant Credibility'

Image comes courtesy of <a href="" target="new">@ChrisSembower</a>.
Image comes courtesy of @ChrisSembower.

As if the Denver Broncos and their divisional round playoff appearance last season needed any credibility, the addition of Peyton Manning has done just that. KC Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel spoke to the media at the NFL owners meetings in sunny Palm Beach, Fla. on Tuesday morning and he was asked how Manning in Denver changes the dynamics of the AFC West.

"Well, right away a talent like Peyton gives whatever team he is with, now that it is Denver, instant credibility. He has been such a good player for 14 years in this league and everyone believes that it will continue. I know he didn't play last year and he has this injury that he is coming back from, but it sounds like he will be able to come back from that. Having to play him twice, I am not necessarily all that excited about it, but it is a challenge that I think our guys will look forward to and we will do it and do the best we can."

Romeo's not the only AFC West head coach who doesn't live in Denver that's noticed the Broncos will change things up in the division this year. The Raiders and Chargers coaches indicated the same thing.

Crennel also addressed the Chiefs brief pursuit of Manning.

"We were hoping that we were in it. Because he is a good talent and we would have liked to of had the opportunity to talk to him and sell our program, sell our city and all of those kind of things. But Peyton, he was pretty thorough about what he wanted and what he was looking for. He didn't want to make it a circus I'm sure, so he married down to the few teams that gave him the first shot and if that didn't work out than he might have gone on."

OK, I'm over the Chiefs' Manning pursuit and have been for a while now. He's a rival once again and I don't like him or his big forehead.

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