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New Chief Kevin Boss Makes An Impact Quickly


So new KC Chiefs tight end Kevin Boss is a pretty good dude off the field. He and a friend of his, Tim Shaw, linebacker for the Tennessee Titans, made a trip to Haiti to do some volunteer work.

As you can see in the picture to the right, they also brought some gifts. Boss arrived last Thursday and he'll be there until Saturday. You can read more about their trip (diary included) at There are some good pictures at that link as well.

This has a personal touch for me as one of my good friends, Lindsey Patterson, is a board member at Maison de Naissance ("Home Of Birth"), which is a maternity center in Haiti. Their mission is to ensure the continued health of mothers and their newborns and it's really inspiring stuff.

"The Haitian culture is one of the most appreciative I know," Lindsey told me via email. "Most families don't have much. But if you visit them in their home, they will graciously offer you the only chair in the house or proudly serve you something to eat. They are truly appreciative of the generosity of others."

Check out more about their program at

Makes you realize how important visits from guys like Boss (and their gifts) are. Also important is that Boss brought some Chiefs gear, which means KC's fandom is international.

Kudos to the new Chiefs tight end on making an impact.

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