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NFL Owners Meetings Start This Week

The Kansas City Chiefs brass is in sunny Florida this week as the NFL owners meetings kicks off. The agenda will include a number of things including rule changes, possibility the announcement of compensatory picks and the Week 1 primetime games, as well as more talk about the Redskins and Cowboys getting salary cap space docked as well as the Saints bounty scandal.

A few of the items to be talked about this week....
Rule changes coming. The NFL's competition committee proposed seven rule changes for the upcoming season and the owners will be voting on those changes. The biggest one might be the proposal to extend the trade deadline from Week 6 to Week 8. People always complain that the NFL's trade deadline is too early which means there's less action. Moving it back could create more trade deadline action.

Compensatory picks could be announced. I'm not sure if the Chiefs will get any from last year -- maybe from Shaun Smith? -- but compensatory picks could also be announced this week. These would be extra draft picks for the 2012 NFL draft based on the qualifying free agents each team lost and gained last season.

Possibility of early primetime games being announced. In years past, the NFL has used these meetings as an opportunity to announce the Week 1 primetime games -- the Thursday night opener, Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football (a double-header). We're not sure if they'll announce it this week but they could.

Redskins and Cowboys/Saints scandal stuff. The Redskins and Cowboys were both docked salary cap space for the way they handled the uncapped year (apparently, following the written rules is not a good thing). The Saints also had their bounty scandal punishment come out last week. Reps from all those teams will be in attendance at the owners meetings which means we'll probably be hearing more from those folks on the incidents.

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