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Eric Winston On The Chiefs New Offense In 2012

If it wasn't clear before that the Kansas City Chiefs would be tweaking their offense under new head coach Romeo Crennel and offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, Eric Winston makes it crystal clear in a passage for Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback.

Winston wrote about his free agency experience on, which you can read here. The whole thing is a must-read but I found this part interesting about his KC visit:

When I spoke with the coaches I was pleasantly surprised. The head coach, Romeo Crennel, has a great reputation around the league. Knowing that a new offense was being installed had me wondering what kind of offense would be coming in. The offensive coordinator, Brian Daboll, has traditionally run more of a "power or gap" blocking scheme and the line coach, Jack Bicknell Jr., who just came over from the Giants, has done the same. Now, I feel like I could be successful in any scheme, but I really have grown to love running the zone scheme and understand it well. So going in I wasn't expecting to hear that the Chiefs would run a zone-blocking scheme, but that's exactly what I heard. That was like icing on the cake to what had been an already positive visit. I spent one more night in Kansas City and we worked out a contract to make me a Chief for the next four years.

Very good stuff. I like that he had such an interest in what was the best fit for him and it wasn't exclusively about money. Definitely check out the piece.

(H/T NJ Chiefs Fan)

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