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Arrowhead Pride Community Mock Draft Coming Soon

Every year we do a community mock draft here at Arrowhead Pride where users represent every team and make selections. It's the ultimate mock draft. Fun and something that's become pretty popular around here.

Here's what last year's mock draft ended up looking like.

On Friday morning (tomorrow), we'll be opening it up for people to pick their teams. That post will go up at 12:00 p.m. (Arrowhead Time). We'll be asking you all to pick the team you want and you'll respond in the comments claiming your team. Not everyone will be able to participate and people will be disappointed but, as Old Man Thorman used to say to me, you'll get over it.

Once you have your team, you will be responsible for making the selection for that team AND giving us a write-up on the player and why you picked him. Your write-up will be due a few days before it's posted. So, for example, we'll do three picks a day and the first three picks will be due on Monday, but they won't post until Wednesday when we actually start the mock draft. We'll have the full schedule ready tomorrow.

We'll also be allowing a few people to retain their teams from previous years. If you've been doing the AP mock draft for three years now with the same team and want to do it again, you can keep your team. The benefit of being a longtime reader, I suppose. So if that applies to you, leave a comment in here or email me and I'll check it out so that we have you down. This only applies to a few people, though.

I'm sure I'll mess something up and accidentally give two people the same team so keep in mind I'll make the final decision on how to proceed when I do screw it up.

Chris and I won't be participating in the mock draft so that the largest number of users will be able to. Also, Chris is a horrible GM so we don't want him participating anyway.

We'll end this with another life lesson from Old Man Thorman: "You got any 2-by-4s? A good house always has plenty of 2-by-4s stored in the basement."

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