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Recapping Some KC Chiefs Free Agency And NFL Draft Talk

610 Sports here in Kansas City has a new mid-day set-up where they're replacing the national talk (Jim Rome) with local talk. Danny Parkins and Carrington Harrison are hosting a new show on 610 Sports from 10:00-2:00 p.m. (Arrowhead Time, of course) during the week.

And one day a week, Tuesdays, their show will include a handsome and slim Chiefs blogger for an hour.

....I'm talking about me if you didn't pick up on that.

I talked with the guys yesterday about a number of things and wanted to slide in a recap of a few of those things. We talked about more Chiefs stuff that won't be recapped here -- you'll have to listen to it next week. In the radio biz, we call that a teaser. See, I'm already catching on with the lingo! This radio stuff is easy already.

The Eric Winston signing: Obviously this was huge. I tried to stress that this was a big signing because Winston had interest from a number of teams and the Chiefs were able to keep him in KC to sign a contract. He's familiar with the scheme the Chiefs want to run, he's a stand-up guy and the Chiefs got him at a solid price. (Seriously, weren't you surprised his contract was "only" $5.5 million per year?)

Should a Chiefs player have their own radio show? This topic came up because Winston had a weekly radio show in Houston. Wouldn't it be cool if a Chiefs player had their own weekly radio show? Danny made a pretty good point that Winston would be a good ambassador for your team and he would fit well in a role like that. Currently, no Chiefs player has their own radio show. I think guys like Winston or Matt Cassel or Ryan Lilja would do well in a role like that.

Draft talk: My current mock draft pick for the Chiefs is Dontari Poe but some of the callers had great arguments against him. He didn't dominate his position in college. The production isn't there. He's not consistent. Those are all very solid reasons as to why Pioli won't draft Poe. After the Eric Winston signing, I didn't really know where to focus for the Chiefs 11th pick so I tried to find a nose tackle. There are concerns with Poe playing nose tackle, that he may be best fit for a defensive end spot. Maybe next week I'll move onto another position.

Another player the callers like was Luke Kuechly, the linebacker out of Boston College. Inside linebacker isn't the Chiefs biggest need but Kuechly seems like such a Chiefs-type of pick. Picking him may not fill the biggest need but it wouldn't surprise me if they did.

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