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Chiefs GM Scott Pioli Visits The Garage

One of the hidden gems of the Kansas City radio scene is 3 Guys In A Garage on 810 WHB, where host Jay Binkley often brings in an impressive guest list. On Tuesday night, one of those guests was Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli, who indicated he was a Garage-type of guy. "I would prefer garages over studios any day of the week," Pioli said.

810 WHB will probably podcast the interview at some point so definitely make sure you check the interview out. Pioli came across as relaxed, open and willing to hit on a number of topics. I thought this was one of the better Pioli interviews we've seen recently.

Make sure you listen to the audio but I jotted down a few highlights as well. Note the role Oklahoma Joe's played in Eric Winston's recruitment.

Pioli reached out to Brandon Carr, Kyle Orton and Le'Ron McClain after they left KC. "I've reached out to each one of those players and wished them well because they're all good players and really good guys that helped this football team during tough times last year," Pioli said.

On the Peyton Hillis addition, Pioli says: "We had a little bit of insight because when he had that production he was up in Cleveland with Brian [Daboll]," Pioli said. "He's a good runner, good at blitz pick-up, good at receiving and he does a number of different things. I'm a firm believer that you never want to rely on one back or, really, just two backs. You have to have versatility."

Pioli was nervous that Eric Winston wouldn't get past his first visit, which was in Miami. "I was a little concerned whether or not he would get out of there," Pioli said of Winston's visit to Miami. "He played at Miami. His wife is from that area and went to school there as well."

On the great barbecue debate Winston started with his Jack Stack tweet: "I think what the media has to do now is go with the follow-up question on this," Pioli said. "I'm not making a judgment on my own. We took him to Jack Stack on Friday, I believe it was. He threw down and his shirt reflected that after the visit to Jack Stack. But the next day we still didn't have the deal done and we were in negotiations not only with Eric but his agent, Drew Rosenhaus. And for lunch on Saturday, on St. Patty's day, we skipped the corn beef and cabbage and got a big stash from Oklahoma Joe's and then the deal got done. I'm not saying one is better than the other but I know that Oklahoma Joe's closed the deal and Jack Stack got us down the right path. And, for the record as well, he ruined his second shirt on his second day eating barbecue."

(Editor's note: It has since been brought to my attention that the KC Star's Kent Babb already broke the news on Oklahoma Joe's role in the Winston signing. Babb kills it on the barbecue beat.)

Pioli knows the good food spots in town. He loves the tater tots at The Brick downtown. In fact, these words came out of his mouth: "Tater tots are an amazing thing." Pioli seems to know the good spots in town, including the burgers at Westport Flea Market and the wings at the Peanut. I compete at all those restaurants. My fiance, Ms. Primetime, is so embarrassed when I ask the servers at a restaurant if there are any eating records I need to break.

On Kevin Boss and what he can do in KC: "He's got incredibly soft hands," Pioli said. "He's not a guy who's going to be like some of the big tight ends. With the way the game is evolving there are these tight ends considered X and Y. He's more of a Y than an X because of how he does things and how he plays. He has enough skill. He's a savvy route-runner so he creates openings. He knows how to use his body because he's a big man with long arms he knows how to create separation with his body as well, like a good basketball player. He does have soft hands. What he does have as a blocker is incredible toughness. He is a tough guy. He could get matched physically in size but he does a really solid job. He's not the type of tight end where it's like having another offensive tackle but he's good in a number of positions."

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