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Ramblings of an Idiot: Confused

In homage to the wonderfully talented, witty and frequently temporarily insane MNchiefsfan I bring to you today a twisted version of the 2010 born fanpost series that made this idiot famous didn't have a thing to do with me at all: Arguing with Idiots. As the title of this post suggests, that means I'll be arguing with myself. It won't be anything new or different in my everyday life, as I often over think and question every decision. Just this morning I changed my pants three times while deciding which pair would be best for the day. What makes that twisted is that every pair of pants I own are identical black, cell phone pocketed, Dickies. I eventually settled on the ones with the least number holes in the crotch (3), in case you were wondering. It was a good decision and I'm glad I thought it through. Even one more hole would have caused unwelcome embarrassment while I squatted on the ground leveling all the legs on the dining room tables. A few customers even complimented me on my choice of pants, although I can't be sure they were being genuine. I'm really glad I reversed my decision to wear the last clean pair. I've saved myself a full day before I have to do laundry! Talk about your victories of the week!

There will be a poll for you to vote in, but not until after the jump. And without further ado:

The #11 Pick in the NFL Draft

Idiot 1: The Kansas City Chiefs have built a reputation under coach Todd Haley of running the ball to create play action passes. The last time Jamal Charles played a full season the Chiefs led the league in rushing. In 2011 the Chiefs fell thirteen places to fourteenth in team rushing without Charles. The right side of the line from the center to the tackle struggled mightily, both in defending the pass rushers and opening lanes for the run. The most important thing the Chiefs could accomplish with their first round draft pick would be to solidify the offensive line for years to come. Matt Cassel doesn't have a prayer of orchestrating a worthwhile aerial assault; We have to rely on the run. Offensive guard David Decastro should be the pick if he's available. It's a complete no brain-er, and anyone that doesn't agree is an idiot. Decastro is destined to be better than sliced bread. He's the best guard to come out of the draft in 10 years.

Idiot 2: There is no such thing as completing the offensive line for years to come in the modern NFL. Gone are the days when players stuck with one team for their entire careers. The name of the game in the modern NFL is to get enough pieces in place to win now. Installing a system where quality depth can be coached from the ground up and ready to step in each time someone is injured or traded, or cut from the team is the only way to go. Using a top fifteen draft pick on an offensive guard is dumber than sharing a tooth brush with an animal that licks it's own butt. A teams number one draft pick should be spent on an impact player, not a wall of meat. Only a left tackle (if you have a right handed QB) will ever return the value of the #11 overall pick. Brandon Albert's contract ends next season. Who's to say we won't lose him? At any point Lilja or Asamoah could end up injured and out for the season. What good will drafting Decastro do if Hudson ends up sucking at the center position and Albert gets traded to the Red Wings to play his natural position of goal tender?

What happens if the next Chiefs quarterback is left handed? His blind side would be protected by a guy that gave up fifteen sacks last season, because we spent our first round pick on a guard instead of a tackle. The reason the run game suffered was that Jamal Charles was out injured. Had he been in the game the Chiefs would have easily been top five in rushing. The Chiefs offensive line was ranked fifteenth last season, and higher than 4 playoff teams. With Hudson sliding over to bring youth to center, and Winston replacing the turn-style at right tackle the Chiefs have already significantly improved the offensive line. The obvious choice for our first round pick is to plug the holes in the colander we refer to as run a run defense. We have a top tier pass defense on the field already, which is completely negated by our inability to stop anyone on the ground. There are only 2 positions that should even be considered in the first round: Nose-tackle and Inside Line Backer. Take one at #11, or trade down for value and take one there, but stopping the run has to be priority one. Anyone that doesn't agree with that is obviously an idiot.

Matt Cassel

Idiot 2: Sucks! He's a loser. He's a mediocre quarterback on his best day. He simply doesn't have the ability to read a defense, or make a decision. Matt's incapable of leading a receiver, or throwing one open. Hell, the guy can't even put a hat on his own head, yet alone throw an accurate pass more than twenty yards. As long as the Chiefs have Matt Cassel on the field they will continue to fall short of winning play off games. Our only hope is to have the number one defense in the league, and a stout running game. Matt Cassel needs to call up Trent Dilfer and ask if he can borrow an old play book, because that's all he's capable of doing. Any old fifth round quarterback off the street can turn around and hand the ball off to Jamal. There's simply no reason that Ricky Stanzi shouldn't be named the starter over Cassel. At this point the Chiefs should stop wasting time with Matt and put in Quinn or Stanzi to see what they can do. Sure, Cassel had a couple decent years in New England with a ton of amazing weapons at his disposal, and one year in Kansas City where he threw for 27 touchdowns against a bunch of scrub teams with losing records. That's not good enough. Matt's not good enough. It's time to part ways.

Idiot 1: Matt Cassel isn't the best quarterback in the league, but he's in the top half. He isn't worthless by any stretch. His career numbers are better than a lot of other starting quarterbacks. In New England he had the benefit of playing under one system, one scheme, and one coordinator. Since coming to Kansas City he's had three quarterback coaches, five offensive coordinators, and four different systems. Of course he's struggling to make reads; The reads he's supposed to be making change every eight months. Yeah, he was surrounded by a lot of talent in New England, but the Chiefs aren't exactly chopped liver. Dwayne Bowe is a legit #1 receiver that led the league in touchdowns in 2010. Baldwin is a huge first round draft pick on the other side that's going to make a jump this year after an actual off season. Breaston makes clutch catches and extends drive with tough first downs. Is anyone arguing that Moeaki can't extend for the tough catches over the middle? Do I even need to mention Jamal Charles, or the addition of Kevin Boss?

In Cassel's pro bowl 2010 with the Chiefs he had something that he's never had in KC. A familiar coach in Charlie Weis bringing in a system and terminology that he'd used in previous years. Matt had the best year for the Chiefs in the same season where he wasn't starting from scratch with a new quarterback coach, coordinator, or scheme. Matt still has plenty of room to improve, and he also has the potential to accomplish it. Adding a veteran right tackle that can block an eight year old girl with a club foot and downs syndrome coming in a pass rush will be a boon to Matt Cassel's performance. A second year under the same quarterback coach can't hurt. It's another new coordinator and scheme, but at least one piece of the puzzle will remain the same. Cassel's going to have his best year yet in Kansas City. By November you'll be calling yourself an idiot for suggesting he should be benched.

Now I've gone and confused myself. I don't know what to think anymore. It seems with every post I read, and every stat that I look up my opinion changes. It could really go either way, couldn't it? Aren't we all idiots, at least to a degree? So maybe I should fall back on the wisdom of the pants; choose a pair of arguments that have the least number of holes in the crotch....

So go ahead and show me up in the comments. Choose which ever pair of arguments you think has the least number of holes, or toss out the pants all together and make your own idiotic argument. Whatever you do though, make sure you don't wear the pink Spider-Man thong that I chose this morning under those pants.

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