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Chiefs GM On Kyle Orton's 'Very, Very Generous' Contract With The Cowboys

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Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli met with the KC media via conference call on Tuesday afternoon and, besides the Peyton Manning stuff, talked about a certain quarterback that just left the Chiefs -- Kyle Orton, who signed a multi-year deal with the Dallas Cowboys.

Pioli said what they've been saying -- they wanted Orton back. But he also noted that the Cowboys gave Orton a "heck of a contract" and a "very, very generous contract".

So that pretty much tells us what the Orton decision was all about. For a reference to what he's talking about, here's what Peter King of said in his MMQB this week:

I'm amazed that the Dallas Cowboys paid Orton -- who I consider the best of the available backups, and not by a small amount -- a $5 million signing bonus for a five-year deal that will likely void to three years. I understand sleeping better at night, which the Cowboys will do now that they have maybe the best backup quarterback in football as insurance for Tony Romo instead of the iffy Stephen McGee. But I've never heard of paying a guy you hope will never play a $5 million signing bonus.

So, yeah.

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