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Chiefs Coach On Peyton Manning: 'It Makes Things Tougher'

The Kansas City Chiefs brass, along with the rest of us, learned on Monday that free agent QB Peyton Manning had chosen the Broncos, which means he'll be playing in Denver in the 2012 season. In the AFC West, it also means the Chiefs will be facing him twice a year.

Adam Teicher of the KC Star has a story this morning chock-full of draft and free agency information and near the bottom there's also this nugget from Romeo Crennel reacting to Manning's decision to play in the AFC West.

"It makes things tougher," Crennel said. "I don't know where he is with his injury situation, but it sounds like he can throw it. If he get used to his new situation quickly, he'll be very effective like he has been his entire career."

But a 36-year old quarterback getting better after missing an entire season would be the exception, not the rule, which is something we should keep in mind. Unfortunately for KC, this is Peyton Manning we're talking about and his entire career has been exceptional.

Check out the full report at the KC Star.

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