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Franchise Tags Come Rolling In Today

The franchise tags are really starting to move now. A number of teams have announced the franchise tag for a player and more reports come out that teams will use the franchise tag. ESPN's Adam Schefter said this morning on SportsCenter that one GM predicted there could be as many as 25 franchise tags used. Wow.

For now though, here's a list of who's gotten the tag...

Tyvon Branch and the Raiders. The other option here was Michael Bush, but he'll hit free agency.

DeSean Jackson and the Eagles. Duh. There are more reports that the Eagles could trade him. That's a dangerous player on offense that could end up changing teams. I bet he stays in Philly though. Teams tend to keep their good players.

The Cardinals tagged Calais Campbell. The GM said they wouldn't let him go a few weeks back so there was no surprise here.

And there wasn't any surprise when the Ravens franchised Ray Rice today. He's a huge part of their offense and wants to be paid like it. This could take a while to get done. The career of a running back usually isn't long. That's why you see them capitalizing while they can.

Fred Davis of the Redskins and Dashon Goldson of the 49ers have also been tagged. Both of those were expected. As was Brent Grimes getting franchised by the Falcons.

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