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Just Waiting On The Franchise Tag For Dwayne Bowe

The franchise tag is about to become the topic of conversation in the NFL. The franchise tag period this year started on February 20 and it will end on March 5. Teams are allowed to use the franchise tag only in that period. Only one tag has been officially applied so far -- DeSean Jackson and the Philadelphia Eagles -- but others are on their way.

For the Kansas City Chiefs, there's no reason to place the tag on Dwayne Bowe before the deadline. You don't gain anything. So I predict the Chiefs wait it out and tag Bowe on Sunday the 4th or Monday the 5th.

But Bowe really should sign a longterm deal sooner rather than later. I think the safety of knowing you're locked up with guaranteed money should be enough to mitigate the difference in each side's asking price. Then again, the tag pays Bowe over $9 million, which is about what he's made to date in his NFL career.

So it's a ton of money either way. I just think Bowe doesn't want to go through another season risking injury or doing anything stupid. Bowe turns 29 in the 2013 season, the season after the tag. You aren't around the game forever. I say get paid when you can. Bowe should sign that longterm deal now.

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