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Changing The Chiefs Focus In The 2012 NFL Draft

Now that the Kansas City Chiefs have their right tackle situation figured out, we have to start thinking differently about the 2012 NFL draft. Prior to the Eric Winston signing, offensive tackle was probably the most popular pick at the Chiefs 11th spot in the various mock drafts out there.

Winston is in the fold, so right tackle doesn't seem likely anymore. The addition of Peyton Hillis to the backfield makes me think running back (Trent Richardson) may not be the best choice, even if Hillis is just on a one-year deal. All indications are that this is Matt Cassel's team so I would guess quarterback (Ryan Tannehill) won't happen, but others can reasonably disagree with that.

Free agency has cleared up at least a few questions about this team in next month's draft.

Look at what the Chiefs have done this offseason. They went through and filled some of the team's top needs -- bigger running back, another tight end, right tackle and backup quarterback. It should've been obvious to us (and maybe it was) that these were the types of additions they'd make.

With the first wave of free agency done, it seems there's still one big question mark on this team -- nose tackle. I'm not sure the Chiefs future nose tackle is in free agency. Most of the big cuts have been made and the top nose tackles have re-signed or signed elsewhere.

That makes you think nose tackle will be a serious consideration with the 11th pick. The private visits will be coming before the draft so if a few of those names get out we could have a better idea of the types of nose tackles the Chiefs could consider with the 11th pick.

There's also the possibility for a surprise. Take Jerrell Powe, for instance. We don't really know anything about him because he hardly played in his rookie season. Maybe the Chiefs think he has the potential to make the jump and plan on starting him. Considering how little Powe played last year, this would be a surprise, but I suppose it's possible. Or what about the Chiefs drafting still drafting an offensive tackle -- but a left tackle. Branden Albert's deal is up next year. Just sayin'.

But nose tackle is really the wild card with Pioli right now. This is a pretty important position but the Chiefs haven't invested a lot there -- yet. The future nose tackle isn't as important as the quarterback but, as they say, it really does tie the room together.

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