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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 3/19

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Good morning! Here is today's Kansas City Chiefs news from across the internet. Enjoy.

For fifteen minutes, I answered what were becoming routine questions about my overall health and my college playing experience. What set this interview apart, however, and ultimately shaped my destiny, was Peterson's unusual line of questioning-a surprising query about my internship at Kidder Peabody.

I was caught off guard because that experience had not shown up on any of my Combine paperwork and none of the other teams had mentioned anything that wasn't directly football-related. My confusion must have registered on my face, because Carl commented on it. I wondered aloud how he knew about the internship and asked, with all due respect, what it had to do with an NFL career.

Everyday Life Lessons From An Everyday Athlete from

This seals it. Matt Cassel is the Chiefs' quarterback for 2012. The team said he will have competition. Quinn is strictly a backup.

Unless the Chiefs pull a stunner and draft a quarterback in the first round (Texas A&M's Ryan Tannehill would be the likely target at No. 11 in that case), Cassel will be the starter. That doesn't mean Kansas City won't draft someone like Oklahoma State's Brandon Weeden or Michigan State's Kirk Cousins in the second round.

What Brady Quinn Signing Means In K.C. from ESPN

It's one of the pieces of the personnel puzzle that forms the complete picture of potential draft choices for NFL teams. The Pro Day workout, or on campus visit does not always provide any type of physical numbers that will change any team's evaluations. But it's a chance for injured players to get their important numbers on paper, like 40-yard dash times and weight lifting totals...

...Here are a few notes on what went down last week at Pro Day workouts around the country.

Last Week's Pro Day Workouts from Bob Gretz

Eric Winston, former starting right tackle of the Texans, signs a four-year, $22 million deal to join the Kansas City Chiefs, which probably means the Chiefs will pass on first-round tackles Reilly Reiff and Jonathan Martin. The Chiefs could now turn their interest to a nose tackle or a move down and take a guard. A team like the New York Jets at No. 16 probably expected Reiff to be gone by time they selected, but it's possible he will still be available.

Free-Agent Signings Changing NFL Teams' Draft Boards By The Day from CBS Sports

Chiefs sign the best right tackle in football
The Texans surprised most everyone by releasing Eric Winston, the premier right tackle in football. The rest of the N.F.L. surprised no one by showing interest in Winston. The Chiefs ultimately came away with him, thanks to a four-year contract worth over $22 million. Winston is an effective movement-oriented run blocker who can land clean contact in space and at the second level. He makes Kansas City's addition of running back Peyton Hillis more valuable. In pass protection, Winston is not the most consistent force, but unlike a lot of right tackles, he doesn't require constant help.

Peyton Manning's Decision, And The Trickle-Down Effect from The New York Times

"Usually, when players try to transfer (coaches) say, ‘I don't want you back'," Jenkins said. "But coach Zook kept calling me, kept on telling me they still wanted me this year. That was the main thing."

It led to a big season in 2011 for Jenkins and a future in the NFL.

Top 100 Prospects - No. 86 WR A.J. Jenkins from Bob Gretz

According to league sources, Mike Tolbert remains in Carolina on Sunday night, having dinner with Panthers team officials. He previously visited Kansas City, but the Chiefs signed Peyton Hillis instead, and Tolbert's return to the Chargers seems unlikely at best at this point.

Top Free-Agent Running Backs Take Weekend Meetings from

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