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The Chiefs' Peyton Hillis Signing, From A Cleveland Perspective

810 WHB's Border Patrol had Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer on the show this morning to talk about Peyton Hillis, the newest Kansas City Chief. Hillis, of course, previously played with the Denver Broncos.

Here's the audio from her segment, where you'll find someone strongly defending Hillis.

On the rumors that Hillis considered retirement and joining the C.I.A., Cabot said it is very unfair that someone is doing that to him and planting those rumors out there. She doesn't think it was the Browns or Hillis' former agent. She says he is a very good person and he simply doesn't deserve everyone bringing up the C.I.A. jokes every time his name is mentioned.

She also said fans in Kansas City will love him. She said Hillis probably wishes he could go back and do the 2011 season over again because things didn't go very well.

She also noted that Mike Shanahan once said that Hillis had the best hands on the Denver Broncos team when he was there, so that's something to keep in mind moving forward. Hillis set a career high with 61 receptions in the 2010 season.

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