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Keep On Searching For The Chiefs Backup QB

I think we can say the quarterback that will compete with Matt Cassel for the starting job won't come in the first week of free agency. Chad Henne just joined the Jacksonville Jaguars, according to reports.

He joins Kyle Orton (Dallas Cowboys) and Jason Campbell (Chicago Bears) as potential "1A" backup options who have signed elsewhere. At least Henne is young enough that we could somehow, someway talk ourselves into the "potential" angle.

Other guys will be cut down the line and the Chiefs will have more opportunities to find another quarterback but it's hard not to feel like the Chiefs missed out on one of these guys. We know they're not going to find someone who is significantly better than Cassel on the open market (outside of No. 18) but I think the Chiefs had an opportunity here to find a badly needed backup quarterback and they didn't take it.

Here's a thought: What if Ricky Stanzi is the backup quarterback?

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