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Titans Join Peyton Manning Race

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And we thought Clark Hunt surprised us by talking about the Kansas City Chiefs interest in Peyton Manning. Check out what Bud Adams, owner of the Tennessee Titans, had to say to the Tennessean about Peyton Manning:

"I hope to be one of the teams he looks at," the 89-year-old Adams said. "Since he went to school in Tennessee I think Tennessee is where he should be. I think he could play for two or three years. I think he's the guy that could come in and turn this around for us.

"That's why I am so anxious to get him to come visit with us and I want him on my team. I could sit down with him and show him what (we'd be willing to pay). If he would come (meet) with me he would be happy with what he'd get."

Dang. This speaks volumes about what kind of player and person Manning is. This is a division rival that has been seeing him play twice a year for the last decade-plus and they want to not only have him play quarterback but work for the organization after he's done playing. That's incredible. I can't imagine some of the other types of offers Manning has had from owners who aren't speaking to the local paper.

But imagine the owner of the Chiefs coming out and saying of a player: "He is the player I want. Period." That's what Adams did.

As for the Titans, they're an intriguing option. Division rival, so Manning would know the division well. Chris Johnson is a game-breaking receiver and Kenny Britt's not bad. This is a solid team. The problem is Matt Hasselbeck is there, last year's starter, as well as Jake Locker, last year's first round pick. Kind of a tough situation with all those guys there.

According to reports, Manning wants to make a decision by Tuesday, which is also the start of free agency. He has visited the Denver Broncos and is currently visiting the Arizona Cardinals. There are no, as far as I know, any visits scheduled for Kansas City.

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