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If He Enters Free Agency, Brandon Carr Should Be A Hot Commodity

The Kansas City Chiefs have two big free agents this year -- Dwayne Bowe and Brandon Carr -- and both of them are considered to be two of the top talents available. At receiver, perhaps only DeSean Jackson and Vincent Jackson would rank above Dwayne Bowe.

And at cornerback, Carr might be the No. 1 guy available. At least according to the free agent rankings from Pete Prisco of In a ranking of the top 50 free agents, Carr comes in at No. 2.

How often do good man-cover players in their prime hit the market? This kid is about to get paid. He is this high because he plays a premium position well. He turns 26 in May.

Young. Premium position. Good locker room guy. Homegrown. There are more than a few reasons Romeo Crennel said Carr (and Bowe) was among the team's top priorities.

So how is everyone feeling about Carr? Nervous he'll leave? Confident he'll return?