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Some Chiefs Fans Coming Around On Brian Daboll Hire

When we first heard that the Kansas City Chiefs had hired Brian Daboll as offensive coordinator, we ran an approval poll asking readers to vote on whether they approved of the move. The initial poll wasn't met with very good results for Daboll -- 20 percent approved of the move, 37 percent did not approve and 41 percent were not sure.

But that poll came with very little information on the guy. We noticed some fans warming up to Daboll's hire in the following days so yesterday we ran another poll asking readers if they approved of the Daboll hire.

The numbers are a little better this time around with about half of the do not approve folks switching to approve. The results: 39 percent approve, 19 percent do not approve and 40 percent aren't sure.

So now that we have some more information on the hire a few people are coming around but that's still not a great approval number. We'll have to wait until September to see if Daboll can change the initial reaction of a lot of Chiefs fans.

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