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Brian Daboll On The 2012 Kansas City Chiefs Offense

So what will the Kansas City Chiefs offense look like next season?

Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel told reporters that it will be similar to what the Miami Dolphins ran last season now that they've hired Brian Daboll from the Dolphins as offensive coordinator. Daboll was asked in a conference call about what the 2012 Chiefs offense will look like and he kicked things off by using the word "attack".
"The first word I would like to use is attack," Daboll said. "When you're an offensive football coach, you really want to set precedent on a defense and attack a defense. That changes week to week based on things you may get but you have a set package as an offensive system where there's a thousand plays but you pick and choose on a weekly deal what you're getting defensively.

"I think it's important to be balanced to help the quarterback out in the run and the pass. Utilize different personnel groups, different formations. Sometimes we'll move in shifts, sometimes we'll be stationary. I think you have to have the ability to have an up tempo scheme where you have a no-huddle package. Threatening runs, passes and all those different things, you have to keep the defense as off balance as you can."

Both Crennel and Daboll mentioned having a balanced offense, the various formations and groupings and the no-huddle. It's the last one that has me excited -- the no-huddle. I've always felt Matt Cassel operates better in that environment than he does at other times.

Early thoughts on how the Chiefs new OC describes the offense? Everything always sounds better on paper so I'm already anxious to see these guys get out there.

It's Game Time.

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