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Chiefs Offseason Questions: Getting The Injured Guys Back

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We'll be going through and checking out a few of the key questions for the Kansas City Chiefs as they enter the 2012 offseason. Up first is the status of the ACL group -- Jamaal Charles, Tony Moeaki and Eric Berry. All three of those guys were down for the year by Week 2 with torn ACLs and they'll all be returning to the Chiefs next season.

The health of those guys and their ability to return at or near 100 percent is the most important question entering next season. Yes, even more important than the quarterback and the two big free agents (Dwayne Bowe and Brandon Carr).

You can also throw Brandon Siler's name into this group as he tore his Achilles in training camp. He's been brought back on a one-year extension.

Charles is clearly the No. 1 playmaker on the Chiefs offense. He's the type of guy that'll instantly make you a contender for the division title. His strengths are predicated on his speed so his recovery from the torn ACL is the biggest question mark out of all these guys.

Moeaki had a solid rookie season and the Chiefs were prepared to expand his role into a Dallas Clark-type of player. He, of course, tore his ACL in the final preseason game. He has an injury history so his ability to recover -- and stay healthy next season -- is huge.

And then there's Berry, who tore his ACL in Week 1. Like Moeaki, he was going to be used in multiple ways. Outside of maybe Tamba Hali, this was the injury the Chiefs could least afford to have. So him coming back will take an already good defense and (hopefully) bring it to the next level.

It's Game Time.

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