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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 2/6

Good morning! Great game last night. The offseason is really upon us. But... just 16 days to the combine. Here's your Kansas City Chiefs news.

The Giants' 39-20 victory over the John Elway-led Broncos was the first of six Super Bowl appearances for Crennel. He's 5-1 in Super Bowls, earning five rings to lock away in the safe.

With deep ties to both franchises playing in this year's World Championship, Crennel finds himself playing Switzerland.

"I'm neutral in this game, really neutral," Crennel told Mike Francesa on WFAN in New York. "The first Super Bowl was with the Giants and the last one I won was with the Patriots, so I'm divided and it keeps me neutral."

Crennel Stays Neutral; Gives His Key To Super Bowl Win from The Mothership

After all these years, former Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Willie Mitchell has become accustomed to the razzing he gets from friends when another Super Bowl rolls around.

The phone calls and wisecracks invariably come after highlights of past Super Bowls run on a seemingly endless loop on cable TV, courtesy of NFL Films. "They'll call me and say, 'I watched the first Super Bowl and you still got beat by McGee,'" Mitchell said Friday, referring to late Green Bay Packers wide receiver Max McGee. "It's not something that goes away, but I take it in stride. Even though we lost that day, I take pride in being part of history. Most people never get that opportunity."

S.A. Man Proud To Have Played In First Super Bowl 45 Years Ago from

Early on, I started watching every Chiefs game with my Dad. While we viewed countless other sporting events together, the Chiefs were always the main event. During halftime we would run plays with a little foam football, scurrying around the furniture in our basement to avoid tackles. When I was six, I completed my first work of art -- a picture of Joe Montana, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback who was traded to the Chiefs for the 1993 season. I loved the game and, more importantly, I loved sharing it with my dad.

Super Bowl 2012: Women Do Love Football -- Especially Me from The Huffington Post

The Chiefs aren't really in a position to do anything with the quarterback position this offseason. Scott Pioli will give Matt Cassel another year, as his options are very limited right now.

I do think Kansas City will sign Jason Campbell to be a solid backup in the event of another Cassel injury. Jim Zorn, the team's current quarterbacks coach, worked with Campbell when the two were in Washington.

2012 Offseason Quarterback Predictions from

The news article with a photo of no. 84 in his ASU football gear features prominently on the wall of Big Bellys BBQ in Tempe, cluing patrons in to chef-owner Bryan Proby's athletic past. Before perfecting his beef brisket sandwich, the 6-foot-5 Proby made a career of sandwiching quarterbacks, playing defensive end for the Sun Devils from 1993 to 1994 and then for the NFL's Kansas City Chiefs.

Former Sun Devil Football Star Tackles Barbecue Business from College Times

I was always curious about "Smokey" Stover. He's an Oklahoma native who played for the Kansas City Chiefs in the first Super Bowl, but I had no idea where he settled into post-football life. Serendipity led me to him. Luck of the draw, I got sent to cover Oklahoma State's game at Louisiana-Lafayette in 2010. Stover's grandson, Hunter, kicks for Louisiana-Lafayette and the Smokey connection was mentioned in the school's football media guide. During the trip to Lafayette, I detoured across town to visit with Smokey. Here's the story:

Before Super Bowl, Name-Dropping Shields, Squirek, Rodman, Diamond from The Tulsa World

The video makes mention of the Patriots' infamous cheating scandal (they were caught taping opposing teams practices) and their penchant for running up the score on opposing teams (as they did to the Kansas City Chiefs this year, in a 34-3 drubbing). The way Next Media Animation chose to portray the Patriots running up said score against the Chiefs? By kicking an animated American Indian who's prostrate on the ground.

Bizarre Animated Taiwanese Super Bowl Preview Shows Patriots Kicking Indian from Indian Country Today Media Network

The best Bill Belichick story probably belongs to Tony Gonzalez, by way of Joe Posnanski, who first told it while at The Kansas City Star. It was a Pro Bowl, and nobody cares about the Pro Bowl, and Gonzalez, the superlative tight end, failed to throw a block. Belichick stared out at the field and grunted a few words as Gonzalez walked past him to the bench. "Why don't you f------block somebody, Gonzalez?"

The Silent Type from The National Post

It's Game Time.

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