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In Chiefs News Over The Weekend...

The Super Bowl is all the attention this morning and rightfully so. We'll have a number of Super Bowl-related posts coming up throughout the morning (we've already had more than a few) but I did want to drop this quick update in for any of you who missed it over the weekend -- the Chiefs are hiring a new offensive coordinator.

Brian Daboll, 36, was the Miami Dolphins coordinator last season and the Cleveland Browns coordinator the two seasons before that. He was in New England with the Patriots when both Romeo Crennel and GM Scott Pioli were there.

The Chiefs actually confirmed via a statement on their website that the two sides are in discussions and Matt Cassel was already interviewed by the KC Star about the move so it sounds like it's just a matter of making it official.

The fan reaction to the move has been mixed, and that might be putting it nicely. With over 3,000 votes in our poll, 19 percent of readers approve of the move, 38 percent do not approve of the move and 42 percent responded not sure.

That's your quick Chiefs update/you-already-knew-this on Super Bowl Monday (which should be a holiday)....

It's Game Time.

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