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Patriots Reactions To Losing Super Bowl XLVI To Giants

The New York Giants are your Super Bowl champions after they beat the New England Patriots (again) on Sunday night. The game was as exciting as the one they played four years ago and even though it's not your team you gotta feel for some of those Patriots players as they lose another Super Bowl.

It's never easy to lose. I'm an awful loser. But to lose a Super Bowl has to be a different kind of pain.

I rounded up a few of the initial reactions in the Patriots locker room via Twitter (@RapSheet, @GregABedard, @MikeReiss).

  • LB Brandon Spikes: "I never want to feel like this again."
  • TE Aaron Hernandez: "Heart-broken"
  • Wes Welker really broken up about the missed big play. "It's one I'll have to live with," he said, fighting back tears.
  • Patriots WR Wes Welker spoke with tears in his eyes. Spikes wore sunglasses. Hernandez choked up. Lots of emotion
  • Bill Belichick told players after game he was proud of them, and as long as he is head coach, being in this position & winning is the goal.
  • The agony of defeat

Again, it's not your team so maybe you don't really care but I can't imagine what that feeling's like.

That said, I'd love to be in a position to even have that feeling.

It's Game Time.

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