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Chiefs Have A Tough Sell With Brian Daboll

The Kansas City Chiefs have a little work to do to convince the fan base that Brian Daboll is a good hire for their offensive coordinator position. Because, judging by our approval poll on Daboll's hire, not many fans are thrilled with the decision.

Coming up on 3,000 votes, only 19 percent of our readers approved of the move to hire Daboll. Almost double that number, 37 percent, said they did not approve of the hire. And 42 percent said they were unsure.

I can completely understand why fans wouldn't be a fan of this move. Going by the information we have -- the stats of the offenses that Daboll has coordinated -- it's hard to make a lot of sense with this hire. He coordinated two offenses in Cleveland that ranked in the bottom four of the league and his Miami Dolphins stint was poor in the first half of the season (yet pretty solid in the second half).

The perception of this hire is that the Chiefs simply reached into the old pile of New England Patriots folks. I'm not sure if that's reality or not but that's absolutely what it looks like. And fans are kinda tired of the Patriots connection considering it has not resulted in a team that wins like the Patriots.

We'll have some commentary from our Dolphins blog coming up later today. They feel this is a good hire for the Chiefs so not all is lost. And I also have a few reasons why this move makes sense.

It's Game Time.

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