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Chiefs GM Scott Pioli Addresses A Couple Of Controversies

For what I believe is the first time, Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli has addressed Kent Babb's story in the KC Star, 'Arrowhead Anxiety'. Everyone's read the story by this point so we won't rehash it but, as far as I can tell, Pioli hasn't addressed it (he wasn't quoted in the story) so I wanted to share what he said on radio row in Indianapolis this week.

The Chiefs GM was first asked about it on WEEI's The Big Show with Glenn Ordway and Michael Holley (author of "War Room") and then again this morning on 810 WHB. Here's what he said on WEEI:

On the story: "You ask two different people and you get two different stories. I know what we do have there. There are a lot of employees who are very, very happy, very energetic, really enjoy what they're doing and they love accountability and being held to a certain standard. I see it as a place where there are a lot of people who are very happy to work there and love the ownership."

On the phone bugging: "Yeah, I heard that, or I read that. Clark Hunt and Mark Donovan said it at the time and I'll say it again: unequivocally, completely, totally untrue."

On why someone would think the phone bugging is true: "I make a habit of not speaking for other people so if people say or think certain things I'm not going to try to play a dime store psychologist and figure out why people say things they say."

Thomas Dimitroff, who was on the air with Pioli at the time, was then asked about his team's one-and-done streak in the playoffs lately but the Falcons GM jumped back to the topic of the KC Star story to defend Pioli.

"Before I go any further," Dimitroff said, "I'd just like to say that article is a ridiculous assertion. Scott Pioli is one of the top notch executives in this league. When you go into a building you try to turn things around and change the proverbial arrow, move it up. There are going to be some tough decisions to be made and from what I understand and knowing Scott he's going to do all in his power to make that organization what that organization should be, an historic organization. He's the man the city of Kansas City needs, and the Clark Hunt family."

As for the report that the Chiefs fired Haley with cause and they aren't paying him the balance of his contract, Pioli didn't confirm or deny that on 810 WHB this morning.

It's Game Time.

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