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Eric Berry Is A Big Peyton Manning Fan


Some NFL pundits have connected Peyton Manning to the Tennessee Titans based simply on the fact that Manning is like a god in that state after his time at the University of Tennessee. KC Chiefs safety Eric Berry went to Tennessee so he probably knows a little something about Manning's rep at UT.

So, when the Rivals website affiliated with the Vols talked to Berry for their latest article, of course Manning's name was brought up. Berry said:

"I'm a big Peyton fan," Berry told "I'm kind of selfish because I'd like to learn from him. Sit down with him and get the mental aspect from a quarterback. I love Peyton and I want to see him make the decision that's best for him. Wherever he's at I'll be happy if he's successful. If that's with the Chiefs or back with the Colts or with whoever, I just want to see him be successful."

I bet a lot of other NFL players would like to play with Peyton as well. It's kind of a trick question to ask a player if he wants to play with one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. Of course he would. I don't think that's a knock on the current guy, Matt Cassel, or anything like that. But this is Peyton Manning. Free agent Peyton Manning. Anything he does or doesn't do, or in this case what other people say about him, will lead the NFL news cycle as March 8 gets closer.

Check out the entire article on Berry. It has a lot of interesting nuggets, including Berry getting a better feel for the game mentally when he was out with injury.

It's Game Time.

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