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NFL Free Agency: Linking Brandon Carr And The Dallas Cowboys

Most league observers expect the Kansas City Chiefs to place the franchise tag on Dwayne Bowe which would make Brandon Carr a free agent (absent a longterm deal). Carr will be one of the top cornerbacks available on the market so there should be plenty of interest in him.

And one of the teams that's expected to show interest in him is the Dallas Cowboys, according to a report from Pro Football Weekly.

Sources have said the Cowboys would love for Chiefs CB Brandon Carr to hit the open market, so they can make a run at him. The expectation is that the Chiefs could franchise Carr and are said to be in fine cap shape, but they also have WR Dwayne Bowe to worry about. If Carr somehow makes it to March 13 unsigned, expect the Cowboys to go all in for him and worry about a high-profile guard (Carl Nicks or someone else) thereafter.

Rule No. 1 in free agency: Get the word out that the Cowboys or Redskins are interested in you and watch the offers increase. Now, I have no idea if the Cowboys reported interest comes from Carr's camp (I doubt it) but it does indicate that teams are going to want Carr.

And why shouldn't they? He's 25 years old. Four years of starting experience. High-character. Hard worker. He's big. Someone's gonna pay him a lot and I think he'll be worth it.

It's Game Time.

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